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Past Arabian Horse Sales

Al Aslan  (2006 Arabian)
(Desert Sheild x Viva la Orla)

Class A Halter winner
Sold to GA
Al Aslan
Shown above as a yearling

Nice Touch T (2006 Half Arabian)
(Reveille W x Loguns Touch by Logun)

US National Top Ten Yearling
US National Top Ten Futurity
Multiple Scottsdale Top Tens
Sold to CA
 Nice Touch T
Shown above at 2009 US Nationals

Al Adam (2006 Half Arabian)
(Desert Sheild x Greystones Scarlet Ember)

Top 5 Region 8
Sold to Missouri
Al Adam
Shown above as a yearling

A Flame of Scarlet (2008 Half Arabian)
(Desert Sheild x Greystones Scarlet Ember)

Sold to Missouri
A Flame of Scarlet
Shown above as a yearling

Hey Bey Be++//
(Hey Hallelujah++// x Scarlet's Swirling Ember)

Multiple Youth National Championships and
Multiple US National Top Tens
Sold to Strawberry Banks Farm, NY
Hey Bey Be
2004 US Top Ten Country English Jr Horse with Brian Murch, above

Hey Handsome
(Hey Hallelujah++// x Greystone's Scarlet Ember)

Top Five Yearling Sweepstakes Half-Arabian Gelding
Hey HandsomeHey Handsome
Sold to California

Scarlets Starffire
(Khaffire+ x Greystone's Scarlet Ember)

Top 5 Region 2 Yearling Sweepstakes and AOTH, Top 5 NSH District 7
Winner AHASFV Half Arabian Mare 2 and Over, as a 2 year old
Scarlets Starffire
Scarlets Starrfire
Sold to Missouri

Scarlet's Saffire
(Khaffire+ x Greystone's Scarlet Ember)

Full sister to Scarlet's Starffire.

 Region 3 Top 5 Yearling Sweepstakes

 Region 16 First Place Halter and Region 18 Top 5 Half Arabian Halter
Reg 18 Res Champ Half Arabian Hunter Pl Jr. Horse and Res Champ Half Arabian Halter AOTH

Twice named Arabian Horse Association of New York Hi Point Half Arabian Mature Mare AOTH
 and Overall Hi Point Half Arabian Halter Horse

Eastern Classic Half Arabian Hunter Pleasure Champion
Scarlets Saffire
Sold to New York

Saddlebred colt
(Town Square (by CH Yorktown) x Scarlets Swirling Ember)

Ember saddlebred colt
Sold as a suckling to Virginia (Pidge) Wood of California

Scarlet's Swirling Ember
(Super Starfire x Greystone's Scarlet Ember)

16 h Saddlebred mare, by Champion 5-gaited stallion
Scarlet's Swiriling Ember
Sold to NY with Hey Hallelujah foal

Hey Royale
(full brother to Hey Bey Be)

Region 18 Top Five Yearling Sweepstakes

Hey Royale
Sold to New York

Khaffire Scarlet Rose
(Khaffire+ x Greystone's Scarlet Ember)

Full sister to Scarlet's Saffire and Scarlet's Starffire
Scarlet Rose had her first show at age 4 (2006) in Albuquerque at the State Fair.  
She placed First in Half Arabian Hunter out of 8 entries.  This was her first time in the ri

Sold to New Mexico
Scarlet Rose
Pictured above as a yearling, below at age 3
Khaffire Scarlet Rose

Scarlets Bay Lady (3/13/05)
(Khaffire+ x Greystone's Scarlet Ember)

Scarlets Bay Lady

Sold to Albany, Ga.

Orlas Cara Mia (4/4/10)
(WH Patriot (*Marwan al Shaqab) x Viva la Orla

Mia Champion
2014 Region 12 Champion SHIH Dressage Type Mare - ATH

Top 5 - SHIH Dressage Type Mare - Open

Reserve Champion SHIH Hunter Type Mare - Open

Top 5 SHIH Hunter Type Mare - ATH

2014 US Sport Horse Nationals

2014 Top 10 Hunter Type and Dressage Type - Open

2014 Top 10 Hunter Type and Dressage Type - ATH

2014 Top 10 Sport Horse Under Saddle Jr. Rider - Open

Sold to South Carolina

Mister Trifik (5/18/09)
(Matrifik (Zodiac Matador) x Scarlets Bay Lady (Khaffire+))

 Mister Trifik
Reserve Champion 2012 Southern California Snaffle Bit Futurity Country English Pleasure.

Reserve Champion 2013 Region 2 Country English Pleasure Jr. Horse.

2014 Region 1 Top 5. Region 2 Reserve Champion.

Sold to Georgia